Quality control

The Brusselle production mainly consists of the fabrication of small series ( 1 to 20 similar pieces) and that’s why the quality control procedure is organized well substantiated. The complete Brusselle organization is built up with a quality-minded structure where continuous improvement is being pursued in both the resulting product as well as in the way to it. The goal of continuous improvement is organized by the implementation of a quality organization system according to ISO9001:2015.

Every Brusselle-designed part (such as valve blocks, castings, welding structures…) or selected component (such as electric motor, winch drive or pumps) are quality controlled in detail and when requested, the material certificates and classification approvals are verified. The dimensions of purchased basic materials, but also of machined pieces are controlled in detail to see whether they are conform to the drawings of the Brusselle engineers. Before painting, the parts are carefully degreased and different layers are applied according to the painting program.

All machinery is subject to testing under no load and will only be delivered to the customer after a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). After last and final inspection, an identification plate is riveted on every steering gear and winch, showing the unique serial number (FN) and confirming that the item is made according to the “Brusselle” quality control system. Every machine has its own technical file and eventual adaptations during its life cycle are being recorded by it’s serial (FN) number. This registration system allows a consequent aftersales-service.

Service For All Brusselle Products

BCM can foresee Worldwide service (a.o. Europe, Singapore, Colombia, Bahama's, China...) for all Brusselle Products. Specific engineering service for mechanical, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems is available by our team of experienced engineers and technical staff.

Service on board of vessels with among others towing systems, trawl systems, steering gear equipment, mooring and anchor/mooring is available.

BOSIET certified engineers and staff are available to come on board of vessels which are in open see.


Spare Parts For All Brusselle Products

All Brusselle (spare) parts are available up to 30 years. Phased-out parts can be re-engineerd to current standards.

Steering Gear spare parts as hydraulic cylinders, valve blocks and others are being tested according to class requirements.

Winch spare parts as brake bands, friction clutches, gears, casted parts are being foreseen according to original design.

Brusselle Winches & Steering Gear    

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