Dredging winches

Dredging winches for all kind of applications, intermediate winches, hoisting winches, clamshell winches and even ladder winches are all part of our equipment. Brusselle dredging winches have a nominal pull of up to 3.000 kN and can be supplied with electro-hydraulic power pack. Winch assemblies with parallel or planetary gearboxes are available.

In recent years, Brusselle’s engineering team is increasingly desired for the design of various winch types for new dredgers, particularly trailer suction hopper dredgers ranging from standard size to mega vessels. Draghead winches, intermediate winches, trunnion winches, bow connection winches and even underwater-pump winches are all part of the equipment Brusselle supplies for these increasingly sophisticated vessels.

Brusselle’s variety in products is rather unique. Side wire winches, ladder hoisting winches, anchor hoisting, anchor boom guy, barge mooring, barge loading pipe winches for cutter suction dredging ships are very demanded machinery.

On dredging vessels, the mooring winches and anchor winches of Brusselle can also be found; on the cutter-suction dredging vessels, spud-pole winches are installed too.


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